Wednesday, June 3, 2009

.:My First Piece:.

WelComE diNa~

yes yes welcome frens to my one and only blog. [eh yeke?] ahha nvm... consider it the first proper one je, knpe i buat this blog? dono...sje2.....da lame da nk buat tp cam xtau ape i nk post if buat pon...[actly i mmg da sign up for this thing rupenye...i found out bile i nk sign up just now that my email has already been used...kahkahkahkahkah..] ntah bile la kn i buat... :)

anyways...owh...rakan busuk+manis ku, Mazriana Ashari gak la yg sebok2 ajk i buat blog ni...sje nk join die merepek la maz? tu je la kje kt kn? so now we both ade blog den wateve we merepek will now be recorded/saved. i nk buat exemption clause for myself in case ade yg tetibe nk sue i plak kn for what i might post in the future..jp2

k dah siap...agk lame la i buat...nnt korg bce kat bwh k....

ok la tu kot for now...
will write again soon~
take care~

love. xx

I hereby exempt myself from any liability of false post [sorry, dah tu yg i tau tu la i write], responsibility or guilt of hurting people's feelings [btol, x bermaksud...igt nk luahkn perasaan sendiri je...ter-touch perasaan org laen plak...sori ek..phm2 la k...], any jealousy caused in any manner be it jealousy on my - lively,happy,touching,wonderful,sad - lifestyle, the wonderful and pathetic family+friends+food+favorite color+pen i have and use, and any other feelings that I, or any other person on this planet and the planet next to it can feel, due to the excellent way of me reaching out to the human and animal hearts. Any loss or damages suffered, suck it up pal!


  1. hahaha~~
    i like the exemption clause!!
    especially the part yg u said "suck it up pal!"

  2. ehehehe..
    yela...mane la tau bile blog i da maju nnt rmi plak bminat nk bce n terase plak kn...
    pastu gedik nk sue i plak...hahahhahaah
    [i yg ngeng sbnanye ni]..haha..