Tuesday, June 16, 2009

duRian CraZe!

hey ppl! i think its durians time all around! isn't it?
huhu i think so...
coz almost everywhere i go i can seeeeee n smelllll durian~
and this is the time where u can find the yummy good ones! ;)

so, last friday my uncle summoned my dad to look for gOod durians~
we went to klang.. :)
we had two stop that nite coz at the first stop, the durians wasnt that nice...
so we continue our journey of durian hunting! ;p
those in chow kit are great but my dad malas nk g KL on friday nite...
yeah i wudnt wana be stucked in the insane traffic as well...
hilg selera nnt hehe!

here are some pics of that nite :)
smpi pkl 1++ a.m k kami jln2 crk durian!

durian yg cantik2, i amik dlu~ heee :D

my brothers n sis~ along sleeping in the car kepenatan huhu
owh my bro yg specky ni x mkn durian actly..
tp disebabkn die tgk smorg mkn mcm best gak nye, die pon join~
if slalu kalo kne pakse die mkn 1 je, dat nite he ate quite a lot huhu..
hehe bgs2 ;)

suro org br blk PLKN menunjukkn kekuatan skit after 3 bln latihan kat kem kn...
ngeh ngeh

okeh pics yg kat bwh ni plak was taken during the wknds kat my dad's kmpg in melaka...
the craze started bile my paksu who just came back from visiting his fren in Muar brought back some durians yg chumels~
yes, chumels coz dah la die kecik je, pastu duri die pon kecik2 je....
Durian Botak they call it...
each ruang kat durian tu ade 1 je isi...
so if pizzaade personal pizza, ni mcm personal durian~lol
here2 take a look :)

chumels n yummy~~

cant post my pic coz burok~ haha...so this is my sis :) n the durian botaks ;p

disebabkn xpuas mkn those durian botaks, again we headed for jln2 carik durian in melaka!
we found some durians in pantai kelebang or pantai puteri [lupe which one haha]...
n they were delicious too!

durians love.xx


  1. euuwwww~~
    me no like durian!!

  2. u no melayu!
    me bring u wit me fmly den u cn be like me specky bro... - xlike durian but eat oso....

  3. apakah bahasa yg sdg digunakan utk merapu di atas ini?..hahaha..weh laen kali mkn durian ajak laa kt..cian kt xdpt2 mkn durian lg..hahaha..weh adk kt pon xmkn durian gak!

  4. language dat suke hati..
    oo yeke awk ske durian ke?
    hehehe laen kali kt ajk...
    kt still bole lg mkn durian tp cuzen kt da xlrt da nk mkn so lmbt lg la kot trip mkn durian...haha
    sb x best la g 1 fmly je...xde rebut2 durian cantik nnt...agagagagag